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Emilia Majerus
2 min readFeb 25, 2019

Originally home to Toronto’s first Army and Navy clothing store, this block of retail buildings screams industrial elegance. This dramatic use of metal framed glass emerging from heavy iron beams would have likely been the first of its kind in the city.

This building could not have existed if it weren’t for the adventurous architectural style of Langley & Burke in the summer of 1887. There is so much detail to admire on this building; from the brick arched windows at the top, to the terracotta sculpted detail bordering the tops of the gigantic bay windows.

The building has been further dramatized by the modern addition of storefront glazing on the main level.

Stop #4 The Gooderham Building and Berczy Park — 49 Wellington Street East

This may be a building you’ve stopped to admire before, as it is one of the more famous pieces of architecture in the city. But aside from its obvious visual appeal, when you learn the history behind the building it becomes even more extraordinary.

The building was commissioned by the 1800’s wealthiest family in Ontario, the owners of the Gooderham and Wort’s Distillery, to house their business offices for their ever-expanding empire. In it’s time it was the most expensive office building to be constructed in the city. Inspired by the flat iron buildings of New York City, architect David Roberts Jr. set out to create a masterpiece. In this case necessity is the mother of invention, propelled by the unique shape of the land, being caught between two major intersecting streets, Roberts took the opportunity and ran with it.

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