The visual aids we deliver to our clients as designers and suppliers are essential in effectively communicating important information to them. Throughout my years of being a photographer and designer, I have learned how to use humans effectively in interior and architectural photography to emphasize specific areas, details, and products.

By experimenting with photography composition, I have narrowed it down to 5 key areas where including humans in your photographs will enhance the image.

1. Using Humans to Depict Life

Originally published at on April 10, 2021.



Tenacious humans

We keep pressing on

Despite the obstacles put in our path we move forward

certain that better days lie ahead

We play games to keep

our minds distracted

A smile hides the cracks beneath

We adapt

we overcome

we lift those around us up

so that they too…



A frost covers the fallen leaves

as earth prepares for winter

We too are lost between phases

Wings clipped but the heart

still feels infinite

The future is like stumbling through a fog

Reaching out and hoping someone is there

The longer we wait our minds

succumb to our surroundings

Frost coats our limbs


Fogs enter our brains


Getting ready to hibernate into this new normal

waiting on more change



Emilia Majerus

Interior Designer by day, Writer by night and creative to the core. Passionate about creative writing, poetry and my dog. Instagram/ Twitter @introvertedemy